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Beijing Tour: Cuandixia Ming Village
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Cuandixia Ming Village One Day Trip

Price: From ¥1275 (CNY)  |  Duration: 1 Day
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Description: This ancient village is the perfect one day city getaway. Take a walk amongst the well preserved courtyards, meet the residents of the village and visit a mystical Ming-era temple. The views are breahtaking in this lush green valley! You will travel with the comfort of a modern vehicle, with everything included in the price - tickets to the sights, lunch and bottled water. You may also make modifications to the tour or add a thrilling night show for your return to Beijing.

Tour Itinerary — Day 1

  • • Cuandixia Village Walking Tour
  • Explore the old streets and surrounding houses to take in a deep breath of ancient Chinese culture.
  • • Visit a Traditional Residence
  • Meet the locals and see how a traditional way of life is still being maintained in China.
  • • Lunch
  • Try a traditional lunch made with fresh, quality ingredients.
  • • Viewpoint Hike
  • Climb to the surrounding mountains to catch astonishingly beautiful views of the surrounding, pristine landscape.
  • • Ming-era Temple
  • See an ancient village temple.
  • Cuandixia Ming Village Picture 1View of the Village
  • Cuandixia Ming Village Picture 2Village Painters
  • Cuandixia Ming Village Picture 3Village Locals
  • Cuandixia Ming Village Picture 4Temple Decorations
  • Cuandixia Ming Village Picture 5Drying Corn
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Tour price

Cuandixia Ming Village
Number of People Cost per person Cost per group
1 ¥1275 ¥1275
2 ¥725 ¥1450
3 ¥609 ¥1825
4 ¥500 ¥2000
5 ¥435 ¥2175
6 ¥392 ¥2350
7 ¥361 ¥2525
8 ¥338 ¥2700

Airport Pickup & Drop:
From ¥800/group
Flying Acrobatic Show:
From ¥220/person
Legend of Kung Fu Show:
From ¥140/person
Peking Opera Performance:
From ¥110/person