May Tours Beijing

Questions & Answers

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How do I pay for my tour?

Payments are made by cash at the beginning of the tour.

I have special diet, can it cause problems?

Chinese cuisine has a wide variety of dishes. You can find anything from vegan food to any kind of meat imaginable, spicy and non-spicy. Most special diets should not cause any problems, just let us know in advance!

Can you pick me up from the airport/hotel?

Yes we can. Please contact us for pricing.

Can you help me find accommodation?

Yes we can. Just let us know of your preference (type, price range) and we can book it for you. However there are many easy to use English hotel booking websites if you wish to choose the hotel by yourself.

How can I cancel or re-book my tour?

If you cannot attend your tour for some reason, please let us know by email as soon as possible. We do not charge for cancellations but hope you can make it again soon! Just let us know about your travel plans for re-booking.

Is it OK to come to Beijing during the winter/middle of summer?

Absolutely! Just prepare enough clothing for the Winter and more can be bought on location. The average temperature for the month of January is -4 °C (25 °F) and Beijing is dressed up in a white beautiful dress. For example the Great Wall is an amazing experience during the winter!

During the hottest summer months, mornings and evenings are cool. Afternoon is a good time to have a lunch brake and relax in the shade.

What is the best season for coming to Beijing?

Most popular seasons are the spring and autumn when it's not too hot and not too cold.

Can I make a special request for my tour?

Yes and for your enjoyment we even encourage you to do so. May Tours is a tailored service, so naturally we will do our best to try and make your request possible.

Can I make changes to the tour plan afterwards?

Changes can be made 1 day before at the latest. Just let us know as soon as possible! Same day changes can be made whenever possible.

Is Beijing a safe city?

Beijing is a very safe city in comparison with many other major cities around the world. But just like anywhere else you should take care with a few things:
  • — pay attention for pick pockets when in crowded places
  • — avoid talking with strangers who approach you on the street
  • — take care when crossing the street