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Beijing Tour: One Day Essential
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One Day Essential City Tour

Price: From ¥1325 (CNY)  |  Duration: 1 Day
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Description: For those with limited time, this one day tour will make sure that you don't miss the most essential city sights. You will travel with the comfort of a modern vehicle, with everything included in the price - tickets to the sights, lunch and bottled water. You may also make modifications to the tour or add a thrilling show for the night.

Tour Itinerary — Day 1

  • • Summer Palace
  • The masterpiece of Chinese architecture and garden design, to please the emperors throughout the ancient civilization.
  • • Tiananmen Square
  • At the center of Beijing, "Gate of Heavenly Peace" is a huge city square and the founding roots of the People's Republic.
  • • The Forbidden City
  • Chinese imperial palace which has served as home for 24 emperors. And Beijing's most famous World Heritage Site.
  • • Lunch
  • Try Beijing delicasies at a nearby local restaurant.
  • • Temple of Heaven
  • Discover the ancient spirit of Chinese heaven worship at the iconic "Altar of Heaven". A place of ritual visited by emperors since the Ming Dynasty.
  • Summer PalaceSummer Palace
  • Tiananmen SquareTiananmen Square
  • The Forbidden CityThe Forbidden City
  • Temple of HeavenTemple of Heaven
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Tour price

One Day Essential City Tour
Number of People Cost per person Cost per group
1 ¥1325 ¥1325
2 ¥795 ¥1590
3 ¥652 ¥1955
4 ¥555 ¥2220
5 ¥497 ¥2485
6 ¥459 ¥2750
7 ¥431 ¥3015
8 ¥410 ¥3280

Airport Pickup & Drop:
From ¥800/group
Flying Acrobatic Show:
From ¥220/person
Legend of Kung Fu Show:
From ¥140/person
Peking Opera Performance:
From ¥110/person