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Beijing Tour: One Day Great Wall Tour
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One Day Beijing & Great Wall Tour

Price: From ¥1650 (CNY)  |  Duration: 1 Day
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Description: In just one day, this tour takes you to the heart of Beijing's center and to experience one of the most magnificent sections of the Great Wall. You will travel with the comfort of a modern vehicle, with everything included in the price - tickets to the sights, lunch and bottled water. You may also make modifications to the tour or add a thrilling show for the night.

Tour Itinerary — Day 1

  • • Tiananmen Square
  • At the center of Beijing, "Gate of Heavenly Peace" is a huge city square and the founding roots of the People's Republic.
  • • The Forbidden City
  • Chinese imperial palace which has served as home for 24 emperors. And Beijing's most famous World Heritage Site.
  • • Lunch
  • Try Beijing delicasies at a nearby restaurant.
  • • Great Wall Mutianyu Section
  • Explore one of the best-preserved parts of the Great Wall, famed for it's beauty. Price includes entrance, and cable car tickets to the wall and back.
  • Tiananmen SquareTiananmen Square
  • The Forbidden CityThe Forbidden City
  • Great Wall (Mutianyu Section)Great Wall (Mutianyu Section)
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Tour price

One Day Beijing & Great Wall Tour
Number of People Cost per person Cost per group
1 ¥1650 ¥1650
2 ¥1005 ¥2010
3 ¥857 ¥2570
4 ¥733 ¥2930
5 ¥658 ¥3290
6 ¥608 ¥3650
7 ¥573 ¥4010
8 ¥546 ¥4370

Airport Pickup & Drop:
From ¥800/group
Flying Acrobatic Show:
From ¥220/person
Legend of Kung Fu Show:
From ¥140/person
Peking Opera Performance:
From ¥110/person